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 AotAP Recuitment Message

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PostSubject: AotAP Recuitment Message   Mon Nov 15, 2010 1:13 am

Greetings New Nation or the use the nation's name,

Are you new to Nationstates or a returing vertan player? Do you need a REAL Region? If so, come to Alliance of the Axis Powers! We are an old Region, refounded by experienced players. There are lots of Government positions up for grabs, so head right over! We are active and also have an active RMB and lots of allies! So consider coming to live with us at Alliance of the Axis Powers.
We also have an active regional military for World Assembly members so if you like action please consider joining us here at the Alliance of the Axis Powers today. If you have any questions about the Alliance please feel free to telegram our founder The Disputed Territories of Stuffed Taxidermists for addition information or you many telegram me any of your question and I will try to answer them with the best
of my ablities.

To move your nation to the Alliance of the Axis Powers access the region's main page through the following link: and then click move your nation to the Alliance of the Axis Powers.

Thank you for your time,
Your Nation's name
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AotAP Recuitment Message
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