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 Guide to Raiding and Defending

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PostSubject: Guide to Raiding and Defending   Mon Nov 15, 2010 2:08 am

Okay so it is very clear to me that new raider may need a little help on the principles of raiding and defending I mean no offensive here people I just want to clear things up that way other defenders will not take you for raiders. I am a former raider who is in retirement now and I just wanted to share somethings with you that my old friend taught me about raiding and defending he sereved at WA delegate of Nazi Europe for 302 days his name the Player behind the Nation of Oh My Days and I wanted to pass on some of the basics he taught me.

1st Step: What is a raider? Answer: A raider is a nation or region that only goal is to attack other regions without founders with the objective of seizing the World Assembly delegate's spot. Upon becoming the WA delegate of a founderless region the raiding delegate precess to eject and ban the native population in the effort of destroying the region then refounding it under the control of the region who invaded it.

2nd Step: What is region crashing? Answer: Region crashing is the pratice of entering a region with the objective of seizing the WA delegate's spot of a founderless region after the invading WA delegate seizes control of the region they proceed in ejecting and banning the native population then password protecting the region in a effort to keep other from coming in.

3rd Step: What is some of the more agressive raider region in Nationstates? Answer: Well personally I only know of four main raiding regions who are very agressive at region crashing there are the Axis of Evil, Alliance of Dictators, United Dictatorships, and the Land of Kings and Emperors.

4th Step: What is a defender? Answer: A defender is a nation or region who protects founderless regions from the threats of raider invasions upon receiving intel about a raid (via the raiders regional message board) and upon the invaders entering the targeted region the defending regions send other other WA nations of defending nature to protect that region from been captured by the raiders.
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Guide to Raiding and Defending
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