Alliance of the Axis Powers

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 Consitution of the Alliance of the Axis Powers

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PostSubject: Consitution of the Alliance of the Axis Powers   Thu Nov 25, 2010 11:03 pm

The Preamble: I Zonolia hearby create a new alliance based upon dictorial rights. This alliance is an all dictorial alliance which stands against democracy, and aristocarcies.

Article I IDEOLOGY: The ideology of The AXIS Powers is based around Jonathon Zimaturi's, the supreme commander of Zonolia and The AXIS Powers, idea of Oppressional Dictorial Nation of Equality or ODNE. This is an idea that says that to get world peace you must have world oppression. By oppression he means no rights or liberties. Rights lead to individualism which lead to corruption. In this ideology democracies or aristocracies are seen as evil. The basic "Bill of Rights" you get in a "Democratic" nation is non existent. The right to Religion is the only one allowed, the right of speech is gone, the right of free press is gone, the right of assembly is gone, the right of petitoning the government is gone. The right to bear arms is gone, the right from quatering troops is not needed, the right from unreasonable searches and seizures is gone, the right to a trial by a jury of your peers is gone, the freedom from cruel and unusual punishments is gone.

Article II GOVERNMENT: The government of The AXIS Powers shall be a grand council(DRCC). This is a meeting called upon every month or whenever by me or my secound in command. The positions are as follows:
1:Supreme Commander: Stuffed Taxidermists
3:Vice President: Open
4:Ambassdor: Open
5:Prime Minister: Open
6:Defence Minister: Open
7:Minister of Intellegence: Open
8:Minister of Regional Security: Open
9:Minister of Technology: Open
10:Commander of the Armed Forces: Open

Article III WARFARE: The region, member, and The Alliance of The AXIS Powers will all go to war when war is present. No member may declare war with out the supreme commander's, or the president's consent. If this does occur the nation will be ejected from the alliance, and the region and have war declared upon them. If the president or supreme commander sees war as a option then they may declare war for the region, but they cannot be ejected. All technology is to be shared by EVERYONE. No nation supreme commander or not must share warfare technology. If a nation fails to do so it will result in EBW(Ejection, Bannishment, War.) All nations are to have an armed force with about 500,000 men. If they fail to do so other nations will help.[/spoiler]

Article III International Relations:

Article IV Dictator Revolutionary Controlling Council: The DIctator Revolutionary Controlling Council is the main assembly held every three weeks, unless an emergency meeting is called by Zonolia or the President The Armed Republic of North African nukes. Thw purpose of the council is to cover the topics, but not limited to war, regional/national ecomony, international trade, international relations, and technology. The Supreme Commander is the main leader of the council and always calls it to open and to ajorn, unless it is forgotten, and the council will proceed with out an opening/ajornment.
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Consitution of the Alliance of the Axis Powers
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