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 Recruitment Message

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PostSubject: Recruitment Message   Sat Feb 12, 2011 10:25 pm

Greetings [insert new nation's name here]

I would like like to take the time to welcome you to the nationstates universe as a new nation within the nationstates community there will be a lot of recruiters telegramming you messages about joining their regions and I for one understand perfectly what you are going through right now choosing a region in which your nation will be residing in can be diffcult. So right to the chase allow me to introduce myself I am [insert your natiion's name here] a respresentive of the Alliance of the Axis Powers and I am telegramming you now to tell you the benfits of joining the AotAP and why you should consider making the region your home. The Alliance of the Axis Powers is very welcoming of all types of government no matter what form and a very welcoming founder who would be pleased to answer any questions that you may have about the Alliance.

The Following are the list of jobs that the Alliance of the Axis Powers offer to our members.

-Minister of International Affairs
-Minister of Internal Affairs
-Minister of War
-WA Delegate

The Alliance of the Axis Powers has a colorful history we were orginial founded as a dictatorial alliance who specialized in raiding during the early part of our history, but due to a declined in our national stregth we mergered with the Alliance of Grand Powers to form the Global Powers back recently a former member of the orginal AotAP by the name of Stuffed Taxidermists took it upon himself with the permission of the former founders to reform the region and restore it back to it's former glory as a raiding region, but sadly like it's former self the second Alliance of the Axis Powers did not last long and fell into a decaying shell. But I am pleased to announce that with your help the third Alliance of the Axis Powers will last into the future we have many government jobs available for loyal and committed nations.

We look forward to seeing you soon in the Alliance of the Axis Powers.

-The AotAP Recruiting Team
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Recruitment Message
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